Oklahoma Heat Can Kill Pets – Take Care of Them! [VIDEO]
The Oklahoma heat this time of year is absolutely brutal and not just for us, but our pets too! With temperatures expected to be above 100 degrees this week we'll all need to make sure that we take care of ourselves and our four legged friends. If you're from this part of the country you know all to…
11 Dogs Having Their Own Pool Parties
Today marks the official kick off to summer, which means pool season is in full swing. Few things are better than cannonballing into a pool when it's hot and sticky outside, and we've found a group of pups who seem to agree.
17 Adorable Animals Wearing Casts
To be clear, we do not take delight in the misfortune of these poor animals. We are merely taking delight in HOW CUTE THEIR LITTLE CASTS ARE! Agh! Give in and take a look. We pretty much guarantee you will be cheered up. And who doesn't need cheering up on a Monday?
12 Pairs of Animal Best Friends
We don't know what the weather's like where you are, but it is a chilly, grey, rainy Monday here, so we need this. In fact, even if it's totally gorgeous where you are, these pictures and GIFs of animal best buds is probably worth a look. First of all, they're really cute. Second…
Good Samaritan Rescues Puppies From Trash Can
First of all, how could somebody just dump a bunch of adorable puppies in a trash can? Seriously? What is wrong with people? Fortunately, for every (horrible monster of a) person who throws away puppies like they're garbage, there's a person who will rescue said puppies from the trash.
Meet Cowdy the Screaming Dog [VIDEO] [POLL]
During the Superbowl XLVII the nation was doubled over in laughter with the Doritos commercial of the screaming goat. In the world of radio and television, the sound bite was quickly edited and dropped in at every opportunity to get in on the action. Now meet Cody the newest member of screaming mamm…
10 Reasons Why Bunnies Make Better Keychains than Pets [VIDEO]
As a nation we have always loved the idea of the cute and fluffy bunny rabbit. We've laughed as Bugs Bunny outsmarted Elmer Fudd every Saturday Morning. We love it when the Easter Bunny leaves us a basket of goodies on Easter Sunday. Now we have new evidence that bunnies are really a bunch of d…

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