Little Girl Has to Bury Her Pet Goldfish [VIDEO]
As a pet owner sooner or later we all face the sad inevitable task of having to say goodbye and bury a family friend. This little girl is burying her pet goldfish, to some it's just a fish but to her it was much more. The next door neighbor is also feeling sad, or soon will be at the lost of his
Tiny Hamsters Visit Disney World [VIDEO]
The Tiny Hamsters are back! This time they take a trip to Florida and visit Disney World for an unforgettable afternoon of eats, treats and of course rides. So long as they keep making videos I'll keep watching them. The Tiny Hamster really are the heroes of the internet. Plus it's not a c…
This Cockatoo Loves to Play Peekaboo [VIDEO]
This cockatoo is a trip! He likes to play peekaboo with his owner while riding in the car. He's pretty smart and seems to enjoy the game, until the unthinkable happens. This is why you never engage in a game of peekaboo with a cockatoo while in a moving vehicle!
A Epic Editing Job on This Horse Jumping Video [VIDEO]
This guys sister wanted to practice her video editing skills by piecing together a short film of her horse jumping. I have to say her editing skills rival her horsemanship abilities. It might have been a bad day at horse jumping practice, but it was an epic day of video editing!
This napping Pug is Cooling Off in a Bucket of Water Snoring [VIDEO]
This is one cool dog, literally! We've been waiting for Summer and the heat to get here after all the rains. It finally shown up, with a vengeance. With temperatures in the 100's anyway you can cool off is welcomed. This pug has the right ideal, it found a bucket of water to lay in and from the snor…

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