‘We Didn’t Love Freedom Enough’ – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn penned a missive dealing with governmental tyranny against his people in the former Soviet Union, that casts a dark shadow of what was and what could be.  In light of recent talks of gun control here in the United States, I feel that we may be repeating those same fatal p…
The Most Sarcastic Gun Control Speech in History! [VIDEO]
This has to be the most sarcastic, not to mention funniest gun control speeches in the history of mankind! Last week a citizen in Ashland, Oregon addressed the city counsel on proposed gun safety measures. His remarks and satirical comments are absolutely hilarious! The man identifies himself as Joh…
State of the Union Remix [VIDEO]
In a world of extremist politics, sometimes you need some awesomeness, like a State of the Union Remix, to ease the tensions in the room and reunify everyone with a little humor.

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