POLL: Are Movie Previews in Theaters Too Long?
Some say one of the best parts about going to the movie theater is seeing all the previews that screen beforehand, but for many, including the National Association of Theater Owners, this is too much of a drawn-out experience. The organization recently released a list of voluntary demands to movie s…
Ocho Cinco Slaps Lawyer in Courtroom [VIDEO]
Chad "Ocho Cinco" Johnson has had his fair share and well earned run-ins with long arm of the law. Johnson was in Broward County facing charges for parole violation when the judge asked if he knew how talented and hardworking his attorney is, Johnson answer in the affirmative and t…
Best Korn Album – Readers Poll
It's been a roller-coaster ride for Korn, but the band has been one of the most productive outfits since arriving on the scene with their 1994 debut disc. This Loudwire Readers Poll asks you to determine which of Korn's albums is their best.

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