Roommate Citations Tell Off Lousy Roomies
If your roommate is exhibiting less-than-livable habits, don’t just complain — write them a citation.
Although they’re geared toward college roomies, these Roommate Citations from Neatorama work in any shared-space scenario. They cover lighthearted infractions, such as lousy taste in music and leavin…
John Stamos and Bob Saget Teach You How to Cuddle [VIDEO]
While John Stamos could probably just get by on his good looks and ‘Full House’ residuals, the famous Lothario is also an expert cuddler, who — along with aide Bob Saget — generously shares tips on spooning and light petting in the College Humor short, “John S…
Couple Has Their Wedding Officiated By a Computer [VIDEO]
Miguel Hanson and Diana Wesley of Houston, Texas had planned on having a friend officiate their wedding. But when that fell through, the two self-professed geeks simply coded a program for a virtual minister — named Reverend Bit — and had a computer do the job instead.

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