The Strangest Things on Google Earth
Admit it. We've all used Google Earth to creep on ourselves. Zooming into our own homes to see what it looks like from above. No reason in particular besides a case of internet boredom, but we've all been there. I'll admit, back in spring, I decided to plant some crap in the back yard to make it mor…
Man Up and Quit Complaining About Daylight Savings
For the last twenty-four hours or so, all I've heard is how much the time change has affected everyone. It's time to set some records straight in a true "Let Me Google That For You" style. Here are the facts...
Storm Chasers Drive Vehicle Into Tornado [VIDEO]
It looks like a scene from the movie Twister when these storms chasers make an unbelievable decision. They drive right into the path of an approaching tornado and throw the vehicle in park and let the camera roll with the chasers still inside. Watch the awesome video!

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