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Introducing Tittygram- And Yes It’s A Real Thing! [VIDEO]
Move over Instagram, here's Tittygram and yes it's a real thing! When I first saw this video I thought it was fake, a lot of fun to watch, but fake. Well I guess I was wrong. As it turns out those crazy Russians are at it again and really do have a messaging service called Tittygram.
Will Ferrell – Major League Superstar? [VIDEO]
.@ryancook_48 breaks it to Will that it's not possible to win a Gold Glove in Spring Training. #FerrellTakesTheField
— Oakland Athletics (@Athletics) March 12, 2015
Will Ferrell’s well documented love of sports soared to a whole new level Thursday.…
Facebook Adds ‘Legacy Contact’ Feature
With Facebook being the place to connect with friends and family it's also becoming a place to reflect and remember the ones that have left life to go to the next. Now you can make remembering those that have passed easier by establishing a 'Legacy Contact.'
Facebook Law for Idiots [VIDEO]
The hilariously demented minds at College Humor have done it once again! By now I'm sure at least a few of your friends and family have littered your Facebook news feed with the copied and pasted "I hereby, forthwith and forevermore give thee notice of thy intentions of blah, blah blah…

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