Real Life Star Wars Holochess Table Game [VIDEO]
It's only taken 38 years but it looks like we'll finally be able to play Holochess or (Dejarik) the game featured in Star Wars Episode IV "A New Hope."  Using augmented reality and holograms the board and creatures come to life. I have no ideal how to play or what th…
Lady Trys to Buy Out Apple Store of iPhones and Fails! [VIDEO]
Tomorrow's the day. The new iPhone 6s and 6s plus will be unleashed upon mankind. Long lines are already forming at most Apple stores in anticipation. Seems some people have both the time and patience to stand in line or hours and in some cases days to be one of the first to own one. Well some peopl…
5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Wifi Speed [VIDEO]
No one likes wasting their time watching a website take forever to load, and the bane of all video streaming is buffering -- but these five tips will help you avoid those hassles and make your ever-increasing dependence on the internet a lot easier.
EvaDrop- The World’s First Smart Shower [VIDEO]
We now live in a world where literally everything is touched and improved by technology. Even the shower head has been redesigned for greater use and ease. EvaDrop have created the world's first truly smart shower. The unit turns itself on and off and will save lots and lots of water. Instead of let…

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