Go Here: Santos Party House
When it's time to party, you should probably party hard, correct? Well there's no better place to do it than in a club co-owned by the master of partying, Andrew W.K.
Go Here: The Profanity Houses in New Jersey
Here's what you should do: Take NJ Rt 517 in Allamuchy past the rural farmland fields, and turn off at the 18th century church's graveyard onto a pot-hole filled asphalt backroad. The road will becomes gravel and then dirt, as farmland stretches out on your right, and a mountain rises out …
Go Here: Torture Museum in Amsterdam
Even though my complete lack of self-control dictates that any museum trip I go on in Amsterdam be "sponsored" by legal marijuana (which would make The The Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments (MMTI) infinitely more terrifying) I'm still excited to visit.
Go Here: Mansfield Reformatory in Ohio
Construction of the 250,000 square foot Mansfield Reformatory began in 1886. Though it held the world's largest free-standing steel cell block, Mansfield more closely resembles a mansion than a prison, which was very intentional; the goal was to create hope and progress in the young p…
Go Here: Star Trek Museum in Vulcan, Alberta
Remember when we used to make fun of Canadians? We'd laugh and laugh about how silly it was to live in the tundra, and how they had funny accents and rode caribou and stuff. Then they got universal health care, and we all sort of shut up. Well, they also have a Star Trek Museum in a town called…
Go Here: Mütter Museum in Philadelphia
I tend to have a pretty short attention span at history museums, unless they are one of two thing: interactive, or disturbing. The Mütter Museum, a museum of medical history, is definitely the latter, and so it's thankfully not the former. You would not want to interact with the …

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