Go Here: Detroit, Michigan
If you listen to the news, Detroit is a city that has fallen. What they won't tell you much about is how exciting it is to be in a city whose residents are picking it back up, piece by piece.
Go Here: City Museum in St. Louis
When a friend found out that I was visiting St. Louis a few years ago, she made me promise to visit City Museum. I wish I was the kind of person who asked more questions, so that I would have been dressed more appropriately for climbing into metal sky tunnels that lead to abandoned planes.
Man Dresses Like Bigfoot and Gets Sa-Squished
For decades people have trekked north to discover the mythical creature that is Bigfoot. People who have seen the legendary Sasquatch can not be dissuaded from believing it exists. Pranksters from all over had tried to dupe unsuspecting visitor as well. Now there is one less to worry about! Find out…

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