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Floyd Mayweather Punch Out- An 8 Bit Masterpiece! [VIDEO]
Sadly this 8-bit version of last night's fight is right on point. Funny, but sad. One things for sure, I'm glad I didn't spend the cash for the pay-for-view! The fight of the century between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao last night didn't live up to the hype, not one damn b…
Every YouTube Gamer That Ever Uploaded a Video [VIDEO]
This video more than accurately depicts every single gamer who's currently on YouTube. From known facts and trivia to classic arcade opinions, it's all here. CollegeHumor even captures the language and slang most gamers use in their videos.
A Summarized Version Of Destiny
Lately I've been getting back into Destiny to prepare for the upcoming expansion. Last night I finally ran the Vault of Glass (Destiny's first raid dungeon) for the first time. It was an epic experience as communication is key and big props to the guys that taught me how the raid worked.
Youtube Game Streamer Gets His GTAV Activation Key Stolen
Youtube Streamer MrBossFTW was getting ready to stream and play GTAV on the PC for him and a few of this friends to have fun and cause chaos in Los Santos. However, as MrBoss was getting ready to activate his game key - it turned out to be invalid and already in use.

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