Tornado in Fort Worth, TX. Rips Roof Off Building! [VIDEO]
Earlier today we saw some pretty strong storms in Lawton, Fort Sill. Tons of rain and high winds, but in Fort Worth, TX. a guy captured a possible tornado on the ground. The storm makes short work of a building, ripping it's roof right off. It's late in the season for these types of storms…
Lawton’s 2015-2016 Winter Weather Forecast
Southwest Oklahoma had an unpredictable cold season last year. It was blisteringly cold through November, then downright hot around Thanksgiving. Then came the cold freezing rains and wet heavy snows in December and January. February was also cold, but it all gave way to a brilliant and incredibly w…
Flash Floods Are A Trip [VIDEO]
It's amazing how you can be hiking a trail in one moment, climbing to shelter in the next. Flash floods happen fast, and nothing can stop Mother Nature.

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