It's time to celebrate the time our forefathers decided to separate ourselves from the British Monarchy and stand as their own nation. So what better way than celebrating it than in GTA: Online in sunny Los Santos where there's no burn bans or any kind of ban to stop you from your 4th of July celebration.

'The Independence Day Special: In Association with Ammu-Nation' Update will come with two new vehicles, two new guns, new clothes, a new hairstyle, a new mask and new property to purchase.

So get yourself a mullet, a musket, some fireworks, a vehicle made in the U S of A, don your Eagle Mask and move to Paleto Bay for the weekend and celebrate your independence shouting 'America, F*(% YEAH!' as loud as you can in your mic.

You have until mid-July to redeem these patriotic items. As for the permanent updates, Rockstar will add an On Call Matchmaking that will allow you to enter Jobs already in progress.