These milky-white mammaries belong to one of the sexiest women in the world and help set her apart from a lot of her peers. This actress was also known as the Best Looking American Woman in 2010, according to Esquire.

She's got a style and grace that's very classic, but also an overt sass and sexiness that comes straight out of the '60s. Her hourglass figure has been seen in all manner of tight outfits that are capable of sending us all into a tizzy.

Sci-fi fans might remember her as a femme fatale on a hit show that was unfortunately canceled way before its time. She even used her cleavage as a weapon on this show, threatening to send many of its characters to the "special" hell.

Most recently, she's lent her sultry voice to a number of animated projects, which only makes us want to see her in the flesh even more.