The award 'Father of the Week' goes to this Chicago dad (if you can really call him that) - Gerardo Oruzco, 35, left his two toddler sons in a hot car to do shots and snore cocaine at a local bar!

The kids, one and three, were rescued by a lady who was walking and saw the two boys strapped in their car seats while it was 80 degree out. She quickly called the cops and reported the incident. When the paramedics showed up they threaded the boys for dehydration.

But where was there ‘daddy’ – at the local bar drinking and doing drugs with a lady friend! Oruzco was eventually apprehended by the cops and taken to jail. He is currently still in the slammer held on $250,000 bail!

It makes us sick to think how scared these little boys must have been while strapped in the hot car for hours waiting for their daddy to come back.

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