There's been a video making the rounds lately that shows a car that can change color by the use of electric pulses and paramagnetic paint. In the description of the video it explains that the special paint reacts to electrical pulses that the driver can control, even by smart phones and devices. So is it true, or is this a hoax?

I first saw this video on Facebook posted by a fellow hot rodder, I was blown away and like everyone else couldn't wait to apply it to my vehicle. I don't have a hot rod, but I like to think my 1978 Ford F-150 Pick Up qualifies. After I started thinking about it and doing some searching I realized this has to be fake.

Why? Well first of all we would have heard about it from official sources, publications and automotive forms. If this really existed why is it only on YouTube? Not to be a downer but if color changing automotive paint actually existed we would be seeing it on and in our favorite car shows and magazines.

After reading several comments on people's YouTube channels that have color changing car videos all of them mention the use of Adobe After Effects. I even researched how this could be done and where to learn how to do it myself. Check it out here! So sadly this appears to be a hoax, but maybe one day it'll be reality.