There's nothing quite like the quality father son time spent together working on projects in the garage. I used to love working on projects with my dad, going out to the garage and learning all about tools, different types of repairs and general mechanics. Not to mention on occasion learning new and wonderfully vulgar words to add to my already growing obscene vocabulary! I learned well and continue to use my man-knowledge and vocabulary to this day!

This guy has my vote for father of the year! After his son wore out and out grew his beloved Powerwheel car his dad decided to upgrade it so his son could continue to use it.

He replaced the plastic wheels with real rubber ones and modified the entire vehicle including the frame, suspension, drive train and added a 0.66 Hp motor. Needless to say both father and son are happy with the end results. It has to be the coolest and fastest Powerwheel car out there. This is a fine example of parenting and fatherhood done right!