To someone who's never been to Rocklahoma before, seen and heard first hand all this festival has to offer you might be wondering to yourself: "What the hell is going on with the line -up and why are there so many different kinds of bands on the bill? What are Cheap Trick and Korn doing at the same show?" Well, all I can say is that's what makes Rocklahoma so unique and special! It's certainly an eclectic collection of artists and styles. Everything from classic rock, 80's hair bands, hard rock, metal and anything and everything in between. That includes Cheap Trick!

It was great to see the legendary rock band in action again, no matter how many times I've seen them they always put on one hell of a show! One of the best parts of this festival is all the many different styles of music and genres you get to experience. From the time Cheap Trick took to the stage until the final song was played they never let up! The entire crowd got into it, both young and old. Take a look at the band live in action below:

Cheap Trick live on the 'Main Stage' at Rocklahoma 2013

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