Bank of America had a glitch in the system that allowed a Detroit man to withdraw $1.5 million while he had only $100 in his checking account. But what did he do with that kind of money?

The lucky fellow, Ronald Page, 55, is now facing 15 months in prison, after he withdrew the large amount of money from an ATM machine. Back in 2009 Page stopped at a local Detroit ATM to get cash when the bank made a mistake and put his account in ‘pay all’ mode allowing this guy to take out as much money as he wanted!

It all started in January, 2009 when the first court records show Page spent a large sum of money in local casinos! Gambling is a serious habit as we all know, and the retired General Motors employee now has to pay the price of his addiction.

But here is the kicker – it took the bank more than 6 months to realize the mistake that was made. In August 2009, when Page try to gamble away 52,000 his debit card was denied! Imaging that! A few days later, Bank of America casually contacted Page and asked him to return the missing $1.5 million – were they joking?

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