The British Sci-fi show just turned 50 this past weekend and fans and BBC producers alike are already planning for another half century with everyone's favorite Time Lord.

'The Day of The Doctor' had many little cameos and easter eggs for fans of all the incarnations of The Doctor. From the original title sequence, Coal Hill School where the First Doctor encountered a couple of his companions, The second Doctors dislike of the TARDISes redecoration, The many loose ends from the Tenth Doctor finally filled and even a surprise cameo appearance from the Fourth Doctor himself, Tom Baker.

This is just to name a few of the the little things in the 50th anniversary special there are a lot more but honestly it would take an entire post on it's own to name all of the references of Doctor Who past and present.

The special brings the current Eleventh Doctor 'Matt Smith, the popular Tenth Doctor 'David Tennant' and 'John Hurt' who served as the Doctor that was in 'The Time War.'

It begins with Smith's Doctor answering a call from U.N.I.T where he receives a letter from Queen Elizabeth I. Right then it becomes suspicious because Elizabeth I has already proclaimed the Doctor as her sworn enemy back in the Shakespeare episode during Tennant's Doctor. However in the final episodes of David Tennant we also learn he married Elizabeth. Time travel sure is funny, isn't it?

The Doctor then finds a 3D portrait photograph (which if you saw the special in theaters in 3D it was visually stunning) of 'The Last Day of The Time War' when Arcadia, the second city of the planet Gallifrey fell.

At this moment it goes into a flashback with John Hurt where he steals a weapon that can end The Time War, but comes with heavy consequences, destroy the Daleks - the sworn enemy of the Time Lords, but also destroy the Time Lords. The weapon has a conscience and is alive and takes the form of Rose Tyler, The Tenth Doctor's companion. It is then Hurt travels to his future which is the present of how Tennant and Smith live with the choice.

Hurt, Tennant and Smith have great chemistry and each do a marvelous job of not over-shadowing the other, but rather complement each other in their scenes together. Despite Hurt appearing older than his "future" self, he does a superb job of acting that he is younger.

Of course we cannot forget Billie Piper and Jenna Coleman who did fabulous performances, especially Piper who took on a completely different character.

The 50th Anniversary was a great way to showcase and express the many years of the Time Lord with what fans speculate "another 50 years to come." The Day of The Doctor is superb and makes way to allow Smith to pass the torch to the new Twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi.