We have all been there before when it comes time to get a promotion or be put up to the next level whatever they may be for your career field. It inevitably seems that biggest A-hole in the entire workplace gets the title over you and others who may be better qualified. Watch the video to find out why this happens!You play the role of good employee taking on extra work, working late, and chip around the office where ever the need may arise. Then it finally comes to be rewarded and it is handed over to the one person who puts in less than a quarter of the work that you do and to top it all off that person is a complete a-hole!

The question that is put in front of the panel from Huffington Post is this a learned trait or something that is genetic to that person. The jury is really still out on that because then you start bringing in the Nature v. Nurture argument. Although, one author does say that we are acting out of character and that being nice is not genetically within us. So the next time your boss asks you to fill in for someone tell them to take a hike and you want a raise and promotion! Good Luck!