This week is E3 and all of the game developers and companies are talking about new games for the upcoming year, as well as giving a sneak peek of what is to come next year. Over the past two days Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo held their respective conferences and now it's time to break them down bit by bit to determine what each company has in store.This is the first full fledged year of the next generation Xbox for Microsoft and Playstation for Sony. Nintendo who has had a slow start with the Wii U, but seems to be bouncing back and all three companies had some excellent conferences and lineups.

Despite some great talk, all three of them have faced delays of some kind whether it be a cross platform title or an exclusive one.

Let's begin with Microsoft:

Sunset Overdrive

Last year was extremely rough for them and the Xbox One. Lack of communication and attempting to force the market into something people didn't want with features that were highly questionable really strained Microsoft with its audience. The 'Always On' Xbox and bundled Kinect Camera had many people afraid because of the potential privacy breech it could create between Microsoft and its customers. Not only was Kinect required to play the Xbox, but your console had to be connected to the internet to do even the simplest of functions and if you have no internet connection, it was basically a $500 paper weight.

Not to mention the marketing confusion, as Microsoft was pushing the system as the center of living room entertainment with all the TV, movie and multi-media functions and forgetting that it plays games.

Shortly, after the fiasco, Microsoft began making changes, getting rid of the 'Always On', no longer requiring a constant internet connection to play, and shifted its marketing as a game console.

Fast forward to this year and now the focus for Microsoft has shifted to games, games and more games. During the conference two games stood out, 'Sunset Overdrive' and 'Halo: The Master Chief Collection.'

The former, 'Sunset Overdrive', is an Xbox exclusive developed by Insomniac Games who was originally an exclusive developer for Sony. It is a very colorful and vibrant looking game. A third person, open world shooter where players are facing people that drank a new energy drink and has turned them into something else.

The latter, 'Halo: The Master Chief Collection', has bundled Halo 1-4 into one complete package for the next generation of gamers to play the story of Spartan-117, leading up to Halo 5: Guardians scheduled to be released in 2015. All of the missions are unlocked from the start so you can jump in with friends and play any mission in any order. Multiplayer also gets a tremendous boost, with players being able to play every map ever made in all four Halo titles. Halo 2 will also be getting the 10-year anniversary treatment, receiving a graphical upgrade tailored for the Xbox One.

Although Microsoft seems to have fixed their mistakes and are rebounding with a Kinect-less Xbox One which comes at $399 to match the Playstation 4, they still have some ways to go to get on the market's good side again.

What about Sony, how did this year compare to last?


In 2013, Sony delivered one of the greatest E3 conferences of all time. They saw how badly Microsoft was struggling and used it to their advantage. Sony went on the attack and came out out on top - gaining an out of this world lead with their approach for the Playstation being made for gamers.

This year was no different as Sony continued their push for the Playstation being made for gamers. Sony showcased a new Ratchet & Clank, A 'Destiny' Bundle as well as a beta start date for the game, as well having exclusive content, 'Little Big Planet 3' and an exclusive feature in 'Far Cry 4' that will allow players on Playstation to invite their friends to play the game even if their friends don't own 'Far Cry 4'. Sony also showcased many titles that are scheduled to hit in 2015.

Although half of the conference was cross platform games, you can bet that Sony has some sort of exclusive with the developers of these titles. Also, it seems Sony may have finally given up on trying to get into the handheld market as there was hardly any mention of the Playstation Vita.

Last but not least, Nintendo:

In the 2013 conference Nintendo was heavy on their handheld system, the Nintendo 3DS and it seemed to have forgotten about the Wii U which needed some love and attention as sales for the home console were suffering greatly.

The Wii U faced an extremely slow start when it was released in 2012. After nearly two years Nintendo seems to be finally picking up the pace with a few titles for 2014 and even more for 2015.

This year we have Bayonetta 2 which will come bundled with the original Bayonetta giving you two games for the price of one, Captain Toad's Treasure Hunt, Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire remakes for the 3DS, Hyrule Warriors - A Legend of Zelda spin-off and Super Smash Bros for the Wii U and 3DS.

Nintendo kicked off this year with the highly anticipated Super Smash Bros. where it is still on schedule for a holiday 2014 release. The handheld counterpart on the other hand has been delayed for a October 2014 release rather than a summer release. 2015 will also show to be a improved year as well with the new Legend of Zelda, Star Fox, Mario Party 10, Kirby and Mario Creator all slated for that year.

With this only being the first year of the next generation it's no surprise the 2014 year is a little scarce on games as everyone is learning and experimenting with the next gen systems.