For 7 blissful years, Patricia Smith, who worked at a local car dealership managed to steal $10 million from her boss right under his nose. At one point she was stealing close to $4,000 a day. But we have to give it to her – Smith knew how to spend the stolen money like a major player!

Smith bought four homes, private jet vacations, Super Bowl tickets, jewelry, etc. – you name it – she probably got it. When her scam finally caught up with her Smith was arrested. In court she told the judge that she felt like a ‘horrible daughter, wife, mother and friend.’ These were her reasons to take a trip to the Vatican on her employer’s dime? It gets better though – Smith also told the judge the gifts she gave her family were a way to ‘earn their love.’ Gee the things some people would say!

Now, Smith is facing 78 months in jail and has to repay the money she took from the car dealership.

In my opinion, Smith just gave a new meaning to selfish! What do you think – would she ever be able to repay her employer?