Right about now you are sitting reading this with a beer in one hand and a tornado of thoughts about your crappy boss and your suck day. How could that sorry S.O.B. make me stay late to handle his B.S. or something of that nature, right? Maybe you should print this article out and staple it to his forehead tomorrow!

Employees for FullContact-API probably er, undoubtedly, have the best boss ever! Meet Bart Lorang owner of FullContact-API who encourages his employees happiness and well being by darn near forcing them to take their yearly vacation by giving them $7,500 spending cash to go wherever they want!

Yes, there is a catch you must actually take your vacation and you are not allowed to contact the office via phone, email, text message, Twitter, Skype or any other electronic means. Bart will admits he sucks at following his own company policy seems that just last year he was busted at the Pyramids in Egypt checking email on his phone.

You may be asking yourself why I am telling you about some other persons great find in the job market? Well, here is you pay off for sticking with me throughout this short post. Turns out, FullConact-API is looking to hire 12 more people over the next six months. So spruce up that resume you could get paid to stay away from work!

What is your worst boss horror story?