Even though the new generations of gaming consoles have come out slow, unprepared, broken, day one updates, and generally failed expectations... there's are two new systems out there that all of us will one day move on to. Some before others, some have already. It is the end of the PS3/Xbox360 era.

2005 was a remarkable year for gamers. We put down the PS2's and took a chance on the Xbox360. Most welcomed it with open arms, some didn't. Those who didn't often went back to the PS2 and realized, the graphics sucked, so they pressed forward determined to like the next-gen console. The same can be said of the PS3 release in 2006. The biggest commonality throughout both sects of fanboys was this... Both consoles eventually saw catastrophic failures within a year or two. Red rings of death, melted blu-ray players, ect... By 2008, both consoles were straightened out into something as reliable as the original Nintendo (still playing one today)

The same reactions can be said already of this next-gen of consoles. The XboxOne and the PS4 are both having hella problems in their first months. Hell, both released with day one updates. FAIL*  But as time goes on, the kinks all you fanboy beta testers run into will get fixed, and hopefully both consoles will be something worth buying in a year or so. Still, it is the end of an era. Say a slow and long goodbye to your 360's and PS3's.