If you've recently moved to Lawton for work, school, or family – then you are probably wondering if there’s anything fun to do in this town? Our small community offers plenty of opportunities to get out of your home and have fun. Explore the Lawton Discovery Trail with us – and learn about these seven great locations. Our first stop is the Holy City of the Wichitas.

Located in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge – the Holy City is the home of the longest running passion play in the U.S. ‘The Easter Pageant’ performed twice a year has been viewed by hundreds if not millions of people nation-wide.

Watch our mini-documentary to learn more about the Holy City

For 87 years now people visit the Holy City everyday to learn and explore. You don’t have to drive thousands of miles, or hop on an airplane just so you can visit the grounds – for us the Holy City is only 20 minutes away, so next weekend when you are wondering what you should do with your friends or family remember that you can always explore the Holy City.