Oh I think we should just take a moment and thank the two Russians in this video for showing the world that America is not the only country plagued with Idiocracy! Watch the hilarious video!I really don't know when, where, or how this could ever seem like a good idea. But, on the other hand I am glad they did it because I couldn't stop laughing for ten minutes after watching these two guys nearly get them selves killed with this Dumb and Dumber type idea.

Now, this idea of detonating explosives under water to catch the ever elusive prey underneath the shimmering surface of the water. Oh wait, sorry I forgot we were talking about fish. The very same creature that does not ever seem to learn that when a nice, shiny, tasty treat is dropped in front of you with a J-shaped sharpened barb on the end that means stay away you're going to get eaten..

I think that is also why I laugh when I see the video of the Asian Carp jump out of the water beaning 'innocent' fishermen in the head. I looked at them as like hitmen of the waterworld. Other fish probably had these Asian Carp imported like mobsters to take us humans. To those fish I say just wait a minute eventually we are going to blow everything up and the world will be yours again. Cheers!