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Alright, the holiday weekend is over and you awoke this morning to a pain you might have remembered as a child and now it is back with a vengeance.

So what to do. You could go to the pharmacy or the big box store and buy some over the counter relief and payout the pocket for temporary relief. But if you think back to your child hood, there are many "home" remedies that your parents ad grandparents used to take the sting out of the summer sunburn.

Cool water. Probably the most effective and recommended remedy to take away the sting of the burn. Take a wash clothe and place it in cold water or use ice cubes to relieve the heat. repeat when the cloth gets warm. You can also soak in the tub in cold water for full body relief or if you're still outside, take a dip in the pool. Just remember that the sun still reflects on the water as you are in the pool.

Next in line as stinky as it may sound use vinegar. Add 2 - 3 cups of vinegar to a cool bath to relieve the burn Ensure that you use a white or apple cider vinegar. You can apply it directly to an area using a cool press as well for relief.

Aloe. We have heard about how great aloe is. Cut straight from the leaf or pumped from the bottle, aloe vera is a natural, effective treatment for instant relief from sunburn. Plus it does not stink like vinegar.

My grandmother used to tell us that she used dairy products for temporary relief . Soak a soft cloth in milk and add a couple of ice cubes for a quick compress and apply directly to the burn. I have also heard that yogurt when applied to the burn directly will sooth the burn and act as a moisturizer. I am not sure that I would want yogurt applied to my body, sunburn or not.

Finally, if you get burned around the face, green tea bags can be used around the eyes to take away the sting and will relieve the swelling as well. Soak the tea bags in cool water and apply to the area of the face sunburned.

So where is the worst place on your body that you have bee sunburned?  What did you do to relieve the pain?