Pranee Andrus, a Florida elementary school teacher is currently in jail for allegedly dragging a 5-year-old autistic boy by his feet and threatening to cut off his tongue. But what would prompt a grown up woman, a teacher at that, to do something so outrageous?

"He tried to get away from her and he ran to a corner. (I'm) not sure, under a desk, and she went and drug him out by his leg, which caused him to get rug burn on his elbow," Phoenix's father, Craig Hanson, told the station.

When the boy refused to share his toys with the other kids in the classroom Andrus decided to take matter in her own hands and teach the boy a hard lesson.

As a parent it makes me mad to even think about what these poor parents are going through. Dropping off your child at school in the morning, thinking he/she are learning while you are working, but instead someone is mistreating your child who is defenseless.

Andrus is also under school investigation and the district attorney has filed child abuse charges!

How would you react if this was your own child?