Trick plays in football rarely work as intended, but when they do they're amazing to watch. Some trick plays are athletic, others are deceptive. This one's the later, a sneaky play pulled off with convincing play action and acting skills worthy of an Oscar! I can't believe the other team fell for it. This is the trickiest trick play around!  

Quarterback Jahlil Pinkett of El Camino Real High School (Woodland Hills, Calif.) Starts a play normally then after receiving the hike he starts yelling it's the wrong ball. He heads towards the sidelines as if to get a different ball, nears the bench then turns up field and runs for a touchdown. It's completely legal and every player for the opposing team buys the trick. It's only until it's too late do they realize it's a trick play! Check it out. I doubt this would work twice, I'm sure the words out about this now, but then again you never know!