As if being couped up in the house all weekend wasn't bad enough, the roads in my neighborhood are still so ridiculously iced over that the old lady hasn't left Casa de la Kelso since last Thursday. I've been back and forth to the station and junk, but nowhere in the last week has been social... straight business trips. Go to work, go home. Get groceries, go home. Make a late night run to get ice cream, go home... All business, no play.

To make things worse, we've pretty much exhausted every seasonal fun thing we could think of thus far. We've done the "Make a snowman", but it quickly turned into her yelling "It looks like a big peen, take it down before the neighbors complain". We had an opportunity to figure out board games and us do not mesh... we're both Alpha's and way to competitive. You see, she doesn't like getting demolished in Monopoly, and some pieces of Connect Four somehow ended up in the fireplace... (I know what you did) The point being that games weren't going to tide us over peacefully.

Movies were the next evolution down our path to peace... Only trouble there, is she digs some really terrible movies. Steel Magnolias, The Notebook, something about traveling pants... You get the picture, turrible movies. All the same, she doesn't want to watch anything from my collection. Reservoir Dogs, Boondock Saints, Smokey and the freaking Bandit, all no-go's ghostrider! (here is the part where the little snippy comments went flying off the handle) So we eventually agreed to skip movie-night all together.

Enter the DVR, quite possibly the most epic invention of the history of piss-poor cable. After all, we both use the DVR quite a bit, there has to be something on that little hard drive that we can agree on...  and that something came in the commonality of Alaska. I was all about to get into a full hour of some show about surviving in Alaska, and she thought it'd be a good idea to watch Alaskan real estate... I conceded and we watched strangers pretend to buy homes they can't afford in a state they were probably vacationing in. (note to self, don't mention that last line to the old lady...again...)

By the time Sunday rolled around, what was left of my snow-peen had pretty much sunk into a solid mass of ice. Neither of us were looking through the board game closet. My DVD's were all somehow misplaced into the guest room, and she had called dibs on the remote for the day. Fair enough, I've got the internet, I don't need company... but she apparently does. No prob, I'll sit by my baby and surf while she watches whatever crap shows she's into these days, and we'll be calm, collected, and getting along for the first time in days. And we did, right up until she decided the very quiet sound of my typing was too annoying to bare... Off to the mancave I went, and the night of solitude went a long ways to mending the fences between us.

Monday night, I figured we'd have about the same type of night. Her relaxing, watching her crap on tv in the living room... me playing CoD-Ghosts and pwning newbs online with Critter... the entire Casa de la Kelso at peace, but it didn't last long. Before too long, my lovely other half began to question why I would rather spend time alone than with her. She apparently cannot see how being snowed in is affecting both of us (but she will soon). She had a thought that couples housework would be a perfect activity for us last night. Seriously... "COUPLES HOUSE WORK"... I reluctantly agreed to it, provided I could stay in my mancave and clean up in there while she worked somewhere else in the house. She got mad and left, and all I had with me was an xbox and some Turtle Beach's...

About an hour had passed to this point, and I knew exactly what was about to happen. She was going to bust in, pissed off, screaming at the top of her lungs for me to hop up and do something as a couple... but it never happened. She brought me a beverage, gave me a kiss, and everything was back to normal. We broke the snowed in couples curse, and we jointed together to make some ridiculously awesome taco's together for dinner. It was an epic couples night.

After dinner, I moseyed back into my mancave, picked up my controller, threw on the headset, and joined into a lobby when it happened... Ms. Kelso popped her head in and said "Can I get a hand in the kitchen please?"... How can I say no to that. Of course my baby will get a hand in the kitchen when she asks for one... but me being me, I couldn't resist the good mood. I walked into the kitchen, stood right behind her, and gave her a hand by applauding her diligent work. She did not find this nearly as funny as I did. I even tried to take a quick pick to remember this moment forever, but it took a fleeting shot....

Kelso's Kitchen

Hindsight being 20/20, I should have probably just done the dishes like she asked. Oh well, I'll ask her about when I see her again, hopefully she'll come home soon.