As cold as it is today I find myself wishing for warmer weather and missing the Summer months, it's freakin' cold out there! I miss the heat, BBQ, pools, beaches and all those bikinis. Luckily I can remain indoors where it's warm and watch GoPro at the beach! This has to be the best use I've seen so far for these cameras.

This video is a real masterpiece! Sit back, relax and enjoy some quality boob time courtesy of GoPro! It's a short :50 escape to paradise! God bless them, one and all!

I'm the biggest cold wussy I know! I absolutely hate the cold and from what everyone's saying it's gonna get real cold, real fast. We're expecting record lows in the area later today and tonight. We're talking temperatures in the teens, plus snow and ice. I don't know about you but I'm missing Summer and the warmer weather!