There's no secret out there, Oklahoma and most parts of our region desperately need a little rain. Due to the high risk, Gov. Mary Fallin has officially banned burning in our area.


Not only did Gov. Fallin issue a state of emergency for all 77 counties in our great state, she's issued a strict burn ban on half the state. Being dryer than most, Comanche County is included in the ban.

While you may be bummed out about it, it's time to step up and do your part. While your driving down the road, don't flick that cig out the window... put it out in the ashtray. Don't have one? Take a coke can with a little water in it. Throw it away when you get there.

Now, there are a number of fire activities that are ok to perform during this ban. Let's go down the list.

Grilling - OK, provided is propane and/or charcoal. I wouldn't go cooking over logs.

Camp fires - Not ok, neither are bonfires.

Burning off an old crop - Eh, the rules are really written weird here. Yes, it's ok... but only if you follow all the necessary steps the law requires.

Fireworks - Yes, if you have a pyrotechnical license and intend to contract it with the city. Don't have a license? Tough luck.

While there is no mention of tracer ammunition anywhere in the official document, it's not a good idea at all. Be a responsible gun owner, leave the tracers at home.

You can read all about the rules, regulations, and exemptions at the Forestry Service website. Click here to read it for further clarification.