Today is the day players can wreck all sorts of havoc in Los Santos as Rockstar has now launched the multiplayer component of the critically acclaimed Grand Theft Auto V.

However like all online components on day one it has faced many hiccups so far.

Currently, I have not been able to gain access to the online world of Grand Theft Auto, due to the massive number of players trying to get online with their friends to carry out heists and race in fast cars.

The online portion also comes with its own storyline of sorts. Taking place months before the main campaign we find the player created character stepping of the plane from an undisclosed location. There we run into a familiar face as he takes us off to the first mission in the tutorial portion of Grand Theft Auto online.

Once you get to the mission area the action comes to a screeching halt. Out of all things to not function in an online game the very first mission, which serves as the tutorial is bugged.

Many players have reported that the mission marker doesn't appear or they get stuck in either the loading or launching session screen. Other players have reported that they made they completed the first mission but was booted off when the objective was complete.

Occasionally you can get to where you go straight to Free Roam mode to partake in the activities Los Santos has to offer, but you'll be restricted in a regard that the tutorial missions are not complete. In order to partake in the deathmatches, the races or any other game mode, you have to complete the tutorial missions there is no other way through it or around it.

To make matters only more infuriating the Rockstar Social Club was knocked out for the first six hours of launch which did not allow players to save their created character, but allowed only temporary characters while the server was down.

Hopefully Rockstar will be able to fix the issues within the next couple days or the trickle of players slowly getting pass the first mission hump clears the traffic out a bit to allow the others to get through the introductions.

When the issues are fixed you can be sure Z94 will have the full review of the one of the biggest games of the year looked forward to online mode.

While you wait check out the online intro video as we twiddle our thumbs waiting to get over the first mission lull: