Going out for the evening, you may dine at a fine establishment or may find yourself at a gathering with your date and there is wine served.   Of course there will be several different types on the menu or wine list.  What if you looked and found "Steal Your Face Wine at the top of the list?  Chances are pretty good that soon you will.  The Grateful Dead are getting their own wine.

The band has teamed up with Wines That Rock to create "Steal Your Face Red Blend."    Just as the band has mixed different musical tastes, the wine will blend flavors as well.  That is according to Wine maker Mark Beaman.  The win will come three to a case wand will sell for $50.

This is the same winery that has produced Rolling Stones "Forty Licks Merlot," which covers the 40 tracks on the album, "Woodstock Chardonnay," the Police "Synchronicity Red Blend," and going to the dark side with  Pink Floyd "Dark Side Of The Moon Cabernet Sauvignon."

Proceeded from the sale of the new Grateful Dead wine and all of the others will be donated to the T.J. Martell Foundation for Leukemia, Cancer and AIDS Research.