Way back around the turn of the century, 2001 to be exact, we were all introduced to a new breed of video game. It was a hybrid of all the greats mixed into one very well designed package that we know as Grand Theft Auto 3. It was amazing. You could play the game as it was designed, working your way from lowly street thug up to crime boss, but that was only 51% of the game itself. The other 49% was finding all of those stupid hidden packages and doing side jobs when you found them on the map. I played GTA:3 for almost five years, mostly just running around, blowing stuff up, seeing how fast I could get all six stars (then cheat coding out of it). It was fantastic.

Vice City was just about the same, but with a better soundtrack and cooler cars. San Andreas set a new bar, allowing full on airplane mode, bigger cities, better transportation, epic graphics (in '04 anyway)... It was a new evolution, and the last GTA Rockstar put out for a full four years. They waited until they perfected GTA:4, and it was a showstopper. Mass lobbies, millions of people, role playing and just plain goofing, it was epic. Then GTA:V, it has been more welcoming than all others, yet is the least popular to date. I don't understand it, it's a fantastic game. OK, not so much a fantastic game, but a great way to waste some time. Someone took the time to throw together a video of dieing whilst wasting that time. Enjoy 100 More Ways to Die in GTA:V