Our latest obsetion at Z has been GTA:V for the last week or so, and there's no sign of it slowing down at all. Ever night this week, Critter and I have stayed up way to damn late playing this seemingly endless game. It's brilliantly designed like all the Grand Theft titles before it, and it makes for 2AM fun like we've never had online. It honestly blows cat videos out of the water.

So as Critter and I play through the levels (meaning we skip everything in an attempt to fill our garages with badass cars, barely breaking level 11) we started noticing some random, and seriously awesome pop culture references in the story. One thing leads to another, and suddenly we're too busy googling stuff to even play. Luckily, IGN came through and released their "Secrets of GTA 5" video. Looks like there's even more still to find, but here's the short list to get you started.