While the topic of gun control certainly isn't a new subject the recent shootings in Aurora, Colorado has ignited a national debate concerning gun rights, self defense laws and the Second Amendment. Both sides of the argument express their opinions and passionately debate over the issues pro and con.

To be fair and in full disclosure you must know that I'm a 'Life Member' of the N.R.A. (National Rifle Association) and an avid firearms enthusiast. I've always been involved in the shooting sports and the legal, recreational use of firearms. As a kid I grew up at the range and my love of the shooting sports and firearms continues today. It's a family affair that I've been fortunate to be a part of!

Maybe this gives me a tainted or unobjective view when it comes to the subject of gun control. Don't get me wrong I absolutely support gun control that restricts the criminal use of firearms, attempts to make guns unavailable to those who have no business owning or using them, but I cannot support any law that infringes on the rights of lawful citizens. The Second Amendment is a right not a privilege! This is the major problem with gun control, it only restricts those who are law abiding in the first place.

A person who's willing to commit the most heinous of crimes and break the most serious of laws won't be thwarted by some gun law that makes whatever it is they're doing with a firearm illegal. After all criminals by their very definition are lawless! Last I checked murder is illegal so is rape, robbery and assault. It's also illegal for someone with a criminal record to own or posses a firearm so why aren't the criminals listening?

As a society we've had to endure more than our fair share of mass shootings over the past several years. If experience has taught us anything, or at least those of us capable of rational thought, is that 'Gun Free Zones' are some of the most dangerous and deadly places around. Almost all mass shootings have taken place at gun free zones or places where firearms are prohibited. What possible good can come from disarming lawful, law abiding citizens? None, it's been repeated over and over and has failed miserably!

The theater in Aurora, Colorado where the shooting took place is owned & operated by Cinemark Theaters. They have a strict no gun policy and only allow law enforcement to carry firearms onto the property. Law abiding citizens even with a valid CCW (Conceal Carry Weapons) permit are prohibited from carrying any type of firearm, concealed or not on the premises.

I guess the bad guy didn't read the sign before entering! Sadly all the law abiding citizens did and disarmed themselves so they could enter the theater. You can not legislate away evil or criminal intent! No amount of gun control or signs will stop a mad man like this. The only defense, is self defense!

Currently we have literally hundreds, thousands of gun control laws on the books at the Federal and state level. Writing more legislation isn't the answer in my opinion, we don't even enforce the current laws we have right now. I think better enforcement is the solution, not more feel good legislation that does little to nothing to criminals but further restricts lawful citizens. When are we going to start prosecuting criminals and stop persecuting citizens?

This on going conversation and debate over gun control continues with the passing of every tragic event where the misuse of firearms cause injury and or death. Everything from mass shootings like we saw in Colorado as well as individual victims of gun violence, even suicides and accidents. I suppose it's normal to discuss things like this proceeding a tragedy as we try and make sense of it all, or find blame to more easily accept the situation and attempt to prevent it from happening again. I wish I had the answer.

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