There's something really wrong with the criminal justice system when non-violent offenders are locked away for life while violent criminals are offered reduced sentences and parole. The guy in this video Jeff Mizanskey will likely die in prison. So what was his crime? Growing and selling marijuana.

As a society we're going to have to get to a place where we decide what's more important. Locking up violent offenders or going after people like Mizanskey. To put it into perspective think about this. Charles Manson has had several parole hearings over the years despite his crimes and reputation, while Mizanskey continues to sit in prison without the possibility of ever being released. There's something really wrong with that!

It's time we focus our attention and law enforcement efforts on real criminals. It's a major injustice to continue doing what we're doing. Real reform needs to take place and the current laws, especially drug laws need to be scrutinized so the punishment equals the crime. Jeff Mizansky was persecuted, not prosecuted!