Last Friday (05-11-12) Handguns and Debauchery stopped by the Z94 studios as our featured artist of the week on 'Local Licks At Six'. The band just returned from Nashville where they were recording their new E.P. 'Predator' due to be released sometime soon, maybe as soon as this summer. In the meantime they plan to have a few of the new tracks available as a digital download on their official Facebook page.

We had the privilege of being the very first to play their new songs and share with all of you, the members of the loyal, royal Z94 Army what the band's latest efforts sound like. I can tell you this, the three tracks they brought with them from the new E.P. left me wanting more and I'm really looking forward to hearing the rest.

The current line-up of Handguns and Debauchery got it's start back in 2010 as six friends came together with a single mission in mind according to their bio "to destroy all happiness and bring back what both the local and worldly music scene has been missing... Honesty. We don't make music with the intent of sounding like a certain band. We don't try to be heavy. We write from our heart and we make the music we wanna hear! SO TURN IT UP!" A bold statement for sure, one that most bands make but rarely live up to. Handguns and Debauchery are the exception and are well on their way to accomplishing this achievement.

Handguns and Debauchery have influences that range from classical, hard rock, metal, industrial groove and more. Each of the six members bring a unique and different style, technique as well as musical taste to the band. What this has done is create a massive montage of sound and influences that come together in an incredible and impressive way, producing a sound that's all their own and far ranging. Handguns and Debauchery are another outstanding example of a band that's truly label defiant, in that you can't call them this or that.

"We don't want to stick to any genres or barriers and be known for this or that. It's about creativity, do the best you can and do what you want to do. If it's good, it's good and everybody likes it. Hopefully people will relate to it like we do. We like to fill up the whole sonic spectrum." Says Tyler, guitarist for Handguns and Debauchery.


Handguns & Debauchery is: Seth - VOCALS / Cramer - GUITAR / Tyler - GUITAR / Elijah - GUITAR / Paul - DRUMS / Peter - BASS

I want to thank Handguns and Debauchery for coming in and being a part of Z94's 'Local Licks At Six'. Looking forward to the new 'Predator' E.P. which should be released hopefully sometime this summer. To stay up to date with the band, tour dates, merch and music visit their official Facebook page. Also don't forget They'll be posting some tracks from the new disk for digital download soon.