It's another incredible video mash-up! I don't know how these people do it or how they have the time to put these together, but I'm glad they do. It would be a rather dull and boring existence without the video editing skills and dedication that these people bring to our lives. We can all thank these nameless and mysterious persons who've provided us countless hours of entertainment. Without them the only thing left would be more cat photos and videos. The internet is a better place thanks to the creators of video mash-ups.

The latest effort that's making the round online is a fake movie trailer that once and for all answers the question: "What if Pixar made the new Expendables II movie". Using different Toy Story scenes the video  makes a convincing, not to mention hilarious trailer that matches up perfectly with Expendables II

Check it out! Notice: no cats or felines of any type are featured in the following video, you're welcome!