I couldn't tell you how many times I heard "Turn that down" or "What the hell are you listening to" when I was growing up. To this day I'm of the opinion that if it's worth listening to, listen to it at excessive decibels! When I was a kid it was always a good time to see the reaction of anyone within ear shot to what I was playing.

Most didn't share my love and appreciation of metal or extreme music. If the sheer volume didn't have them yelling, the subject matter and language sure did. It's still fun! I love the music and enjoy sharing it with all around me, like it or not. Most happen to be victims of sonic assault instead of willing participants.

If only I had a camera when I was younger! This is a great video of a dad reacting to metal being played as it should be LOUD AS HELL! He's pretty cool just sitting there eating his sandwich trying without much luck to have a little peace and quite. Then the growling and fouling begins! His reaction is priceless!