As the hours roll on, my excitement grows for Thursday nights Class-A High School Football Championship game between Hollis and Ringling. It was supposed to happen Saturday in Stillwater's Boone Pickens Stadium, but it has been moved back down to Cache due to a possible Mother Nature Nuclear Winter Storm. It should be one heck of a game given the history between the two teams.

Last years Class-A Champ Ringling has done a pretty good job staying on top this season, though they did lose their first game of the season to Davis back in September. Holding true to the Champions title, they came back from that little setback to earn their way back to the title game.

This year, Ringling will feel the wrath of the Hollis Tigers. I don't say that to put Ringling down, or to fulfill my Harmon County pride, I simply want to imply that Hollis is hungry for it this year... Ringling was the team that, in an astounding act of excellent sportsmanship, knocked the Hollis Tigers out of the bracket last year in the second round of playoffs. It was Hollis' only loss last year, and they've come back with vengence, marking a perfect 13-0 record for this year. I think they can stroke it up a notch to 14-0 while they take that trophy home.

If you get the chance, and you love some High School Football, feel free to come watch what will be an epic ballgame Thursday night. It takes place West of here in Cache, at the sports stadium there, and kick-off is at 7pm. Given the talent of both teams, and the drive and hunger that will be pronounced as they duel, it shall be epic.

Photo by Rebekah Motley-Beanland Studio