On Saturday, June 9th, deadCenter Film Festival is showing ‘Where Did the Horned Toad Go?’ – an Oklahoma produced and directed documentary focusing on the Texas Horned Lizard and its disappearing. But what the movie crew discovered might shock you!

As a child who grew up in Southwest Oklahoma filmmaker Stefanie Leland played with lizards. She remembers catching them and bringing them home to her mom. She wasn’t the only one. The Horned Lizard moves slowly, has an unusual look and children around here love to play with it – that is until it disappeared.

“My friends and I could not remember when was the last time we saw a horned lizard?’ Leland said. ‘When we started to shoot the movie we discovered we weren’t the only ones asking that question.’

Leland and her crew traveled across the United States hoping to find answers – where did the horned lizard go? They dug deeper and discovered that the lizard’s disappearance was linked to other species in peril.

‘As we are building more roads and growing economically we need to keep in mind our natural habitat and our plants,’ Leland said. ‘We need to focus on educating our society to better preserve our nature so we can save what’s left of the Horned Lizard.’

Watch the Fascinating Video

Where Did the Horny Toad Go? Short Promo from Jar of Grasshoppers on Vimeo.