Yesterday we introduced you to 7 beautiful Olympians from across the pond, well today we will show you 7 home grown Olympians that are beautiful and hopefully at the end of the 2012 Olympics they will have brought home the gold.

  • 1

    Alex Morgan - Soccer

    This 23 year old hottie was the spark that the USA Woman's Soccer team needed in this years World Cup, and her photo shoot in nothing but body paint in Sports Illustrated earlier this year was just the spark I needed.

  • 2

    LoLo Jones - Track and Field Hurdler

    This track and field goddess has a smile that will light up and room, and a sexy muscular body. LoLo claims she is single and has a hard time finding a boyfriend, to that I say ummmmmmm ME ME ME!

  • 3

    Hope Solo - Soccer

    This 5'10 beauty is the Goaltender on the USA Woman's Soccer Team, and if she looks familiar it's because she was a contestant on Dancing With The Stars. And recently shed her close to pose naked in the ESPN Magazine 'Skin" issue.

  • 4

    Natalie Coughlin - Swimming

    This 29 year old beauty is swimming in her third Olympic Games this year and like a fine wine she has gotten better with age. Coughlin is also currently starring in a funny ESPN commercial.

  • 5

    Amy Acuff - Track and Field High Jumper

    At 37 Amy is by far the oldest hottie on our list, but is competing in her 4th Olympic Games. Acuff is also a model when she is not training for the Olympics, and has appeared on the cover of Playboy and in such magazines as Esquire, Maxim and FHM.

  • 6

    Logan Tom - Volleyball

    At 6ft tall 31 year old is of Chinese Hawaiian descent, which is the perfect blend to make one hot volleyball player. And Tom has begun working with the instructional volleyball website Volleyball 1on1 where she appears as an online instructor showcasing her coaching abilities through interactive videos.

  • 7

    Kelci Bryant - Diving

    Kelci is one of the worlds best divers and is a good bet to bring home a metal from the 2012 London Olympics. Between her dives you will see Kelci listen it music and shaking her money maker to the music. If I was NBC I would just put a camera on this hottie.