As technology has gotten better, there has been a public buzz over the last decade of so-called 'super moons' - aka - when a full/new moon is closest to the earth. If you remember high school science, you'll remember that the moon orbits Earth, not in a circle, but an ellipse that varies some 30,000 miles in distance. (think oval, but not constant) Much like the blood/harvest moon we all experienced earlier this year, it's all kind of neat.

The real story behind the 'super-moon' video above is something a little different. It has nothing to do with it being shot/filmed near Tulsa, but rather what it was shot on... A cell phone.

If the channel that posted this video is to be trusted, this entire clip, in such detail, with the pinnacle of Samsungs non-exploding models, the Edge 7. Now, mobile devices have become so advanced in the last few years because manufacturers realized nobody uses a phone to make phone calls much anymore. It's all about text and app communications. While Apple boasts an impressive camera on the remedially-designed iPhone 7, it'd be hard pressed to beat actual user examples like this.