The question of the day should be this... Is gun safety really that complicated? Have we punched so many man-cards in the last few decades that we need nanny-technology to "make us safe"?  It's time to put your big boy pants back on and learn the basics.

For the last few months, for whatever reason, there have been a record number of new products hitting the shelves aiming to hold your valuable firearms. Products that lock away your guns, protecting them from the prying hands of kids, thieves, and a girlfriend that catches you in her bed with another woman... There is a use for such products, but the products you hear about just aren't ideal for their designed purpose. Let's go down the list here.

A few months ago, KLAW posted an article about a little piece of technology that seemed promising to the public. It's called The Gun Box. It's leaps and bounds beyond anything we seen in the past concerning quick access gun storage. That is to say, it's a way to store a firearm in a safe and secure way, but in a fashion that still allows you almost immediate access to it.

The Gun Box

Seems legit right? Sure. But to those passionate gun owners like me, I can't get over the thought of relying on battery/electricity operated things that could be between my living and dying. The odds of something like this failing? Very slim... Very, very slim... but I digress, there's an added layer of complication to an idea that's so simple.

Besides all that, it's small and light enough for a thief to take the whole thing with them. Snatch and grab. Yes, there's a laptop type cable lock that comes with it, but that's a deterrent, not an actual security. It's a fantastic jump into future technology, but it's just not enough to convince me.


Skipping around the web, there are a million gimmicky products out there offering peace of mind to gun owners everywhere. I'm sure, at one point or another, you've either purchased, or thought about buying a small safe to keep your stuff in. Whether it's documents you want to shield from fire, or like me, something to protect my insanely impressive collection of high-end firearms from some lowlife thief that would deserve one to the hip.

One of the most popular the last few years is Sentry Safe's line of small, often fireproof/waterproof brand of drawer safes.

Sentry Safe

My parents own one of these, mainly for fireproofing birth certificates and junk, but my mother stores her carry pistols in it while she's at home with my nephews. Makes sense, and it seems like a completely logical decision considering how curious kids can be. But, like all products, there is a flaw. That key doesn't know if an adult is opening the safe or not.

You might be saying to yourself, "My kids have been raised around guns, they know gun safety. They know not to put their hands on guns." and I applaud you. Every kid should be taught proper gun safety, at an appropriate age... All the same, pull your head out of your ass... You cannot rely on a kid not to be curious.


Another hot topic that popped up on our sister station is the QLine Design "Safeguard Furniture."  It's furniture with hidden storage built in. I'll admit, when I first saw this stuff years ago, I couldn't help but think "How awesome is that?" Makes total sense, I always hid stuff in plain sight growing up.

QLine Design

That being said, as novel an idea as it is... It's not that big of a secret anymore. Not to say I wouldn't love to have something like that in the living room... I would. But it'd be more for the "cool factor" as it's not really something, in all practicality, that I would rely on to protect my collection.

Honestly, how much technology do we really need to store a firearm safely, responsibly? Is there no common sense in modern man anymore?

Case and point - I store my guns in a safe. An actual safe. It's damn near four feet wide, holds almost 50 guns, weighs close to 800 pounds, and it's bolted securely to slab. There's nothing fancy to it at all. Carpeted interior, old fashioned rotary dial combination lock, sixteen two-inch locking bolts, abrasion resistant exterior plating, rebar reinforced concrete walls, and it's rated to withstand an 1800 degree fire for over three hours. I'm pretty confident it's mother nature proof at this point.

Is it absolutely thief proof? No. There's always a chance someone with some serious skills could break into my house and guess the combination. I've personally tried to do it blindfolded with my other half's stethoscope, it was a no-go after several hours of trying.

The point of all of this? There are enough gimmicks out there that provide you peace of mind, not security of your stuff. Your best bet is to keep it simple. No electronics. No punch-button combinations. No "light enough to carry away" crap that just makes a thief's job easier.

Keep your carry weapon on you at all times, even in your home. If you don't want to carry around the house, there's nothing wrong with a small vault or safe to store it in... Just don't think that minimal security is a long-term fix. Invest in an actual gun safe to store your stuff in. Make damn sure it's heavy. If someone wants to steal it from you, make 'em work as hard for it. Don't rely on gimmicks and promises for your security.

As a gun owner, step up your responsibility a little bit. You're responsible for the gun safety in your home. You're also responsible for the gun safety of anybody who enters your home. Yeah, your kids may know not to touch guns, but their little friends might not.

Last, but not at all least, teach your kids about guns. Don't use fear to scare kids away... curiosity overcomes all. Actually teach them, get them involved, make sure they know what a gun is for. What it can do. Why they shouldn't touch them... And it you're not knowledgeable enough to do so, enlist some help. Take a course. Make it a family thing. It is, after all, your responsibility.