It's the king of the sleepers! Rule #1 in drag racing: Never judge a book by it's cover! An Oklahoma man transformed an old 1970's model Chevy pick up into a 128 Mph 10 second dragster, once you've seen it action you'll stop laughing! Most judge vehicles from the outside and wouldn't give this truck a second glace, until it rips past them.

I have an affection for sleepers. Cars or trucks that either remain stock looking or are somewhat beat up on the outside, but under the hood they house power plants capable of producing ridiculous amounts horse power. From the engine to the drive train they're built for one purpose. Run the flat track at great speeds.

As a kid growing up I spent hundreds of hours wrenching on various cars and trucks for racing, building horsepower and performance into whatever we had to work with. Since most of us had little to no money we dumped everything we had into performance and could really care less what the vehicle looked like. Sleepers came naturally to my friends and me. Most kids, even adults want cars that look cool, we wanted to go fast and make the wheels come off the ground!

You haven't lived until you've built and raced a sleeper against someone with a new car or what they think is high performance. They judge your ride by it's appearance then can't believe you beat them with what they think is a stock or old beat up piece of crap. Paint and chrome don't add horsepower!

Remember to keep it all under the hood...Long live the SLEEPER!