Being the proverbial "Best Uncle Ever", as the holidays roll on, I found myself completely stumped this year on gift ideas for the nephews. Honestly, the really cool stuff is too damn expensive... and the affordable stuff is stupid. Add in that their grandparents spoil them to death, and you have an unbelievably limited selection to choose from.

The older nephew is 7 years old, and has just about everything a kid wants. Fourwheeler of his own, xbox/ps3/wii/DS3d, four power wheel cars, bike/scooter/skateboard, ect... It's tough to find stuff for him that he doesn't already have, that he'll also play with. So, being the awesome uncle I am, I went over to ThinkGeek and found a few things he's sure to dig.

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    Discovering 8-Bit Games Are Popular Again...

    His latest obsession lately has been Minecraft. I admit it's a great time waster, and Think Geek has a ton of Minecraft gear/toys/accessories. I ended up with a life size Minecraft sword for him.


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    Why not blowout the budget!

    Since I was already over at ThinkGeek, I thought I'd pick up something else for him. I remembered seeing a kid size/life size Creeper doll from the game... but it was $60. I decided I'd go ahead and get it anyway. Much to my surprise, it was on the Cyber Monday half off list for only $30 (which left me with enough budget to buy myself a titanium spork... not sure why, but I bought it too)


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    Safe, Cheap, Cool - Pick Two

    Figuring I'd gotten a good score of presents for the seven year old, I turned my intentions over to to toddler. I could not for the life of me find anything that was cool, safe, and cheap. It was either too expensive, too dangerous, or just stupid. It just so happened I was walking around WalMart waiting on a prescription to be filled, I came across this line of big wheels. The older nephew had one when he was young, and rode the hell out of it on the "Kitchen to Living Room Circuit"

    My youngest nephew, being a super fan of Thomas the Train, seemed like a perfect fit for such a vessel of freedom. I ended up ordering it online, and it surprised me to be $10 cheaper than in store. Score.

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    The Endless Loop of Online Commerce...

    Since I was so happy to find one cool/safe/affordable present for my nephew, I decided to click around the site until I could find one more. After all, as long as the number of gifts are even, all will be happy. Endlessly clicking through what had to be thousands of pages, I stumbled across "it"...  The back-story here, my two and a half year old nephew loves the "wheels on the bus" song. As long as someone will hit replay, he'll watch and sing along for literal hours on YouTube. So when I saw a pop-up school bus tent, I knew I had the edge on this holiday.