Ever since I cleared the campaign of South Park: The Stick of Truth, my love for the quite little mountain town of Colorado has been rekindled. As I reflected upon the series many memorable episodes, I felt that I had to start actually putting them in order. So here are my Top 5 Favorite South Park episodes, since the series premiered in 1997.

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    This season 3 episode came out around the Pokemon craze many kids were on during 1999. The goal, become chinpokomaster to fight the evil power. It also touched on how it was a fad and over time it would just come and pass like everything else. Although yes Pokemon did come and go, many of the 90s kids that I know that are now adults still buy the latest Pokemon game.

    It even accurately depicted how the kids just had to have everything related to that series simply because it had the name Chinpokomon.

    How the kids of South Park took and became engrossed in this Pokemon parody was a scary dead on reaction to how me and my friends took our love for the series.

    South Park
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    Good Times With Weapons

    Japanese animation is really becoming more main stream at the time and South Park started season 8 strong with this episode.

    The imagination of the foul-mouthed fourth graders simply grew very detailed as the warriors fought Professor Chaos and then had to go on a journey get the ninja star out of his eye before they got grounded for playing with weapons.

    The ending of the episode got out of control as everyone was more concerned about Cartman's "invisibility" skill rather than the boys nearly taking Butters' eye out.

    South Park
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    Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls

    The episode name and the song is all you need to love this season 2 episode. A film festival comes to South Park and while the boys try to help Mr. Hanky get better, Chef comes up with a dessert for film lovers to enjoy while watching their films, Chocolate Salty Balls.

    Later on Issac Hayes, the voice of Chef would release a full version of the song "Chocolate Salty Balls"

    South Park
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    Scott Tenorman Must Die

    A tale of revenge that went a tad overboard. Cartman gets buys some pubes from ninth-grader Scott Tenorman. When Cartman realizes that buying the pubes doesn't mean he's become a man he tries to get his money back.

    However, Cartman wants more than a refund as he's out for some good ole' fashioned revenge, by making the person you hate eat his own parents. It is this episode we learn not to mess with Eric Cartman.

    Some fans and critics believe the episode to be a modern interpretation of Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus, where a Roman General killed the children of his emperor and queen and fed reveal the pie they ate was made from their children.

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    Butters' Bottom B*tch

    Butters is my favorite character in South Park and although there are many other episodes centered around Butters they did not quite crack the Top 5.

    The boys pick on Butters because he's not yet a "man" for not having kissed a girl. He then finds out that he can become one for five dollars and then it just escalates further from there.

    Butters decides to form a kissing company to rake in the money and enters a world of pimping and learns many things about the business.

    His innocent approach into a dark seedy world is just too priceless as he even turns into a company with benefits where his b*tches can apply for a 401K.

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